This issue marks the sixteenth anniversary of Voces Novae: Chapman University Historical Review, the award-winning, student-run e-journal published by the Alpha Mu Gamma Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. The contributors of this issue worked tirelessly to research and write about timely historical issues that weigh as much on our present as our past. From investigating Confederate soldiers who fled to Brazil to highlighting protest against discrimination in the California public school system, these students integrated passions developed in their communities, both locally and digitally, into their scholarly endeavors. With ideas germinating from discourse on social media, at home, and in the classroom, the creativity and intention brought to the selection of each of these topics truly astounds.

As we welcome you to this latest issue, we would like to thank the graduating history class of 2024 who dared each other to ask big questions and who have created a network of unwavering support. We would especially like to thank all professors who served as mentors for student papers this year, including Dr. Jeffery Koerber, Dr. Alexander Bay, Dr. Kyle Longley, Dr. Mateo Jarquin, Dr. William F. Cumiford, and Dr. Charissa Threat. In addition to those mentioned, we are grateful for everyone who makes up the Chapman University History Department and continues to inspire the next generation of scholars and historians.

Many thanks to our faculty advisor, Dr. Shira Klein, without whom this issue would not be possible, and to Kristin Laughtin-Dunker for helping us navigate the publication process.

Lastly, we would like to thank this year’s team of student editors, who dedicated their time to polishing the work of their peers. Special thanks to our junior and sophomore editors, Tyler Coker, Anya Nguyenkhoa, Luke Schamber, and Matthew Chin. Thank you for your eagerness at every stage of the process and your flexibility with each twist and turn that came our way. We recognize your incredible hard work and are excited to watch you grow as you put together the next issue.

Sincerely, Kelly Taylor and Jordan Robbins, Senior Co-Editors