Submission Instructions


Before submitting, please review our Submission Policies and Guidelines to make sure your deposit is in compliance with the terms of Chapman University Digital Commons.

Digital Commons supports most discrete file formats for text, audio, video, image, and data files. Submissions in PDF of textual Works are encouraged. The Leatherby Libraries can provide assistance if a PDF of the Work is not available or the Work is in print format only.

We can also assist with checking copyrights of your published scholarship. Please contact the Coordinator of Scholarly Communications for assistance.


  • Do you own the copyright to the Work? Use this form.
    (e.g. unpublished works, published works where you have retained copyright)
  • Have you transferred your rights to a publisher or other party?
    (e.g. most published works)
    • Depending on the copyright holder’s policy, we may be able to include your Work. Send your CV reflecting those Works you wish to be included (if permissible) to the Coordinator of Scholarly Communications. If there are works on your CV that you do not wish to be included, please indicate that clearly.
  • Are you a student? Use this form.

You may fill out the form either on your computer or by printing and scanning it.

Email a copy of the completed submission form, along with the Work and any supplementary files, to the Coordinator of Scholarly Communications.

If you print the form but do not have access to a scanner, please mail the completed submission form to:
Coordinator of Scholarly Communications, c/o Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University, One University Drive, Orange, CA 92866.

THEN, email the Work and any supplementary files. Explain in the body of your email that the submission form is coming via regular mail.

Supplementary and Related Files

Supplementary or related files may be submitted along with the Work. This is very useful if you, for example, want to include accompanying images or other files with an article or other piece of writing. Supplementary files will be displayed underneath the main Work. They will be publicly available, even if the main Work has restricted access.

You may also submit data sets or other sorts of related files to accompany the main Work. Because data sets and many other sorts of files will be displayed in separate areas of the repository and may have different permissions than published articles or other related Works, it is encouraged to submit them using a separate form. However, links can be added between these files and any related Works (such as an article that arose from a data set) to show that they are connected.

If you would like to submit data in order to comply with a data management mandate, but would not like it to be visible to the public, please contact the Coordinator of Scholarly Communications. Otherwise, please submit it using one of the forms above.

Journals and Conferences

Journals and conferences may have their own submission procedures. Please refer to their specific pages to determine their submission methods and instructions.


Please contact the Coordinator of Scholarly Communications, Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, at with any questions about how to submit your work.