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Prostate Field Cancerization and Exosomes: Association Between CD9, Early Growth Response 1 and Fatty Acid Synthase
Farideh Amirrad, Philip A. Pytak, Neda Sadeghiani-Pelar, Julie P. T. Nguyen, Emily L. Cauble, and Anna C. Jones


Demarcation of Sepsis-Induced Peripheral and Central Acidosis with pH (Low) Insertion Cycle Peptide
Kelly E. Henry, Aisling M. Chaney, Veronica L. Nagle, Haley C. Cropper, Saghar Mozaffari, Gregory Slaybaugh, Keykavous Parang, Oleg A. Andreev, Yana K. Reshetnyak, Michelle L. James, and Jason S. Lewis


Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Opioid Use for Adolescents at US Emergency Departments
Michael T. Phan, Daniel M. Tomaszewski, Cody Arbuckle, Sun Yang, Candice D. Donaldson, Michelle A. Fortier, Brooke Jenkins, Erik Linstead, and Zeev N. Kain


Krein Reproducing Kernel Modules in Clifford Analysis
Daniel Alpay, Paula Cerejeiras, and Uwe Kähler


Quantitatively Hyper-positive Real Functions
Daniel Alpay and Izchak Lewkowicz

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