Law Faculty Articles and Research

Below you may find selected research articles from faculty in the Fowler School of Law.


Submissions from 1987

Economic Concepts and Antitrust Analysis: A Critical Reexamination: Introductory Remarks, Tom Campbell

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 68: A Comment, Tom Campbell

Predation and Competition in Antitrust: The Case of Nonfungible Goods, Tom Campbell


Illegal Traffic in Women: A Civil RICO Proposal, Lan Cao

Constitutionality of the 1986 Tax Reform Act Transition Rules, Frank J. Doti

Bicentennial Lessons from the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Ronald D. Rotunda

Dedication: Walter R. Mansfield: Remembering Judge Walter R. Mansfield, Ronald D. Rotunda

Ethical Problems in Federal Agency Hiring of Private Attorneys, Ronald D. Rotunda

Lawyers and Professionalism: A Commentary on the Report of the American Bar Association Commission on Professionalism, Ronald D. Rotunda

Life Under the Articles of Confederation, Ronald D. Rotunda

The Constitutional Future of the Bill of Rights: A Closer Look at Commercial Speech and State Aid to Religiously Affiliated Schools, Ronald D. Rotunda

Sales and Use Tax Credits, Discrimination against Interstate Commerce, and the Useless Multiple Tax Concept, Ronald D. Rotunda and John E. Nowak

Submissions from 1986

Abolishing the Act of State Doctrine, Michael J. Bazyler

Capturing Terrorists in the 'Wild Blue Yonder': International Law and the Achille Lauro and Libyan Aircraft Incidents, Michael J. Bazyler

The Potential Application of RICO in the Natural Resources/Environmental Law Context, Denis Binder

Labor Law and Economics, Tom Campbell

Supreme Court Developments, Tom Campbell

Tax Lien Rights of the I.R.S. Against a Swindler, Frank J. Doti

Dividends Essentially Equivalent to Redemptions: The Taxation of Bootstrap Stock Acquisition, Michael B. Lang

Intergovernmental Tax Immunity and Tax Free Municipals after Garcia, Ronald D. Rotunda


The Role of Law Reviews: The Extreme Centrist Position, Ronald D. Rotunda

Submissions from 1985

Litigating the International Law of Human Rights: A "How To" Approach, Michael J. Bazyler

Litigating the International Law of Human Rights in the United States Courts: Siderman v. Republic of Argentina, Michael J. Bazyler

Note: Mismatching Convertible Debentures and Common Stock under Section 16(b), Daniel B. Bogart

The Antitrust Record of the First Reagan Administration, Tom Campbell

Submissions from 1984

Regression Analysis in Title VII Cases: Minimum Standards, Comparable Worth, and Other Issues Where Law and Statistics Meet, Tom Campbell

The Efficiency of the Failing Company Defense, Tom Campbell

Vacation Homes Revisited: Bolton Mistakenly Unbolts Door to Extra Deductions, Michael B. Lang


The Doctrine of Conditional Preemption and Other Limitations on Tenth Amendment Restrictions, Ronald D. Rotunda

The Notice of Withdrawal and the New Model Rules of Professional Conduct: Blowing the Whistle and Waving the Red Flag, Ronald D. Rotunda

Usery in the Wake of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission v. Mississippi, Ronald D. Rotunda

Submissions from 1983

Has Economics Rationalized Antitrust?, Tom Campbell

Interest-Free Loans and the Impact of Hardee v. United States, Frank J. Doti and Mary Cox

Submissions from 1982

The Competition Mission: Guiding Principles and Future Directions, Tom Campbell

The New Merger Guidelines: A Federal Trade Commission Perspective, Tom Campbell

A Comment on the Creation and Resolution of a "Nonproblem”: Dames & Moore v. Regan, The Foreign Affairs Power, and the Role of the Court, Ronald D. Rotunda and John E. Nowak

Submissions from 1981

When a House Is Not Entirely a Home: Deductions Under Internal Revenue Code § 280A for Home Offices, Vacation Homes, Etc., Michael B. Lang

The Extraterritorial Regulation of Foreign Business under the U.S Securities Laws, Ronald D. Rotunda and Robert C. Hacker

Submissions from 1980

The Attorney-Client Privilege After Attorney Disclosure, Scott W. Howe

Submissions from 1979


Dam Safety: The Critical Imperative, Denis Binder

Submissions from 1978

SEC Registration of Private Investment Partnerships after Abrahamson v. Fleschner, Ronald D. Rotunda and Robert C. Hacker

Submissions from 1977

Strip Mining, the West and the Nation, Denis Binder


The SEC’s Ectoplasmic Theory of an Issuer as Applied to Educational and Charitable Institutions, Bank Trustees, and Other Exempt Issuers, Ronald D. Rotunda

The Word "Profession" Is Only a Label - And Not a Very Useful One: Hiding Behind It are Monopolistic Practices That Do Not Make for Sound Social Policy, Ronald D. Rotunda

Submissions from 1976

Congressional Power to Restrict the Jurisdiction of the Lower Federal Courts and the Problem of School Busing, Ronald D. Rotunda

The Commercial Speech Doctrine in the Supreme Court, Ronald D. Rotunda

Conforming Employee Stock Ownership Plans with the Securities Laws, Ronald D. Rotunda and Robert C. Hacker

Submissions from 1975

Computers and Market Dominance: An Emerging Antitrust Problem, Denis Binder

Beyond the Prima Facie Case in Employment Discrimination Law: Statistical Proof and Rebuttal, Tom Campbell

Constitutional and Statutory Restrictions on Political Parties in the Wake of Cousins v. Wigoda, Ronald D. Rotunda

Presidents and Ex-Presidents as Witnesses: A Brief Historical Footnote, Ronald D. Rotunda

Sponsors of Real Estate Partnerships as Brokers and Investment Advisors, Ronald D. Rotunda and Robert C. Hacker

Submissions from 1974

The Energy Crisis, the Environment and the Consumer: A Solomonian Task, Denis Binder

Submissions from 1973

A Novel Approach to Reasonable Regulation of Strip Mining, Denis Binder

Pregnancy, Maternity Leave and Title VII, Denis Binder

The Securities Law of Contested Tender Offers, Denis Binder

Submissions from 1972

Taking Versus Reasonable Regulation: A Reappraisal in Light of Regional Planning and Wetlands, Denis Binder

Submissions from 1971

Sex Discrimination in the Airline Industry: Title VII Flying High, Denis Binder


The Combination of Functions in Administrative Actions: An Examination of European Alternatives, Ronald D. Rotunda

The Public Interest Appellant: Limitations on the Right of Competent Parties to Settle Litigation Out of Court, Ronald D. Rotunda

Submissions from 1970

Reform of the Presidential Nominating Conventions, Ronald D. Rotunda and Reid Chambers

Submissions from 1968

Heart Transplants: Legal Obstacles to Donation, Frank J. Doti