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The exponentially growing population and related anthropogenic activities have led to modifications in local environment. The change in local environment, evolving pattern of land use, concentrations of greenhouse gases and aerosols alter the energy balance of our climate system. This alteration in climate is leading to pre-mature deaths worldwide. This study analyses the air quality of Singrauli region, Madhya Pradesh, India for the past 15 years. Otherwise known as Urjanchal “the energy capital” of India has been declared as critically polluted by CPCB. The study provides an updated list of thermal power plants in the study area and their emission effects on the local environment. The pollutants analyzed in the study are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and particulate matter. Long term remotely sensed data was obtained from NASA Giovanni for past 15 years. Statistical analysis is used to characterize seasonal and annual variations of trace gases in the study area. The study concluded that Methane, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide and Sulphur dioxide are on an increasing trend with an average rate of 1.03, 0.99, 2.15 and 1.09 annually. Secondly, Methane & SO2, PM2.5 & NO2, PM10 & NO2, CO2 & Methane and PM2.5 & PM10 have strong correlations with a 95% significance. Furthermore, Methane, SO2 and CO2 exhibit cyclic variation with change in season. The study also indicated that maximum aerosols present in the study area are a result of anthropogenic activities.


This article was originally published in The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, volume XLIII-B3-2020, in 2020.


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