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Exact meets in a distributive lattice are the meets Λiai such that for all b, (Λiai) V b = Λi(ai V b); strongly exact meets in a frame are preserved by all frame homomorphisms. Finite meets are, trivially, (strongly) exact; this naturally leads to the concepts of exact resp. strongly exact filters closed under all exact resp. strongly exact meets. In [2], [12] it was shown that the subsets of all exact resp. strongly exact filters are sublocales of the frame of up-sets on a frame, hence frames themselves, and, somewhat surprisingly, that they are isomorphic to the useful frame Sc(L) of sublocales join-generated by closed sublocales resp. the dual of the coframe meet-generated by open sublocales.

In this paper we show that these are special instances of much more general facts. The latter concerns the free extension of join-semilattices to coframes; each coframe homomorphism lifting a general join-homomorphism φ : S --> C (where S is a join-semilattice and C a coframe) and the associated (adjoint) colocalic maps create a frame of generalized strongly exact filters (φ-precise filters) and a closure operator on C (and – a minor point – any closure operator on C is thus obtained). The former case is slightly more involved: here we have an extension of the concept of exactness (ψ-exactness) connected with the lifts of ψ: S --> C with complemented values in more general distributive complete lattices C creating, again, frames of ψ-exact filters; as an application we learn that if such a C is join-generated (resp. meet-generated) by its complemented elements then it is a frame (resp. coframe) explaining, e.g., the coframe character of the lattice of sublocales, and the (seemingly paradoxical) embedding of the frame Sc(L) into it.


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