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BACKGROUND: A fundamental understanding of live-cell dynamics is necessary in order to advance scientific techniques and personalized medicine. For this understanding to be possible, image processing techniques, probes, tracking algorithms and many other methodologies must be improved. Currently there are no large open-source datasets containing live-cell imaging to act as a standard for the community. As a result, researchers cannot evaluate their methodologies on an independent benchmark or leverage such a dataset to formulate scientific questions.

FINDINGS: Here we present T-Time, the largest free and publicly available data set of T cell phase contrast imagery designed with the intention of furthering live-cell dynamics research. T-Time consists of over 40 GB of imagery data, and includes annotations derived from these images using a custom T cell identification and tracking algorithm. The data set contains 71 time-lapse sequences containing T cell movement and calcium release activated calcium channel activation, along with 50 time-lapse sequences of T cell activation and T reg interactions. The database includes a user-friendly web interface, summary information on the time-lapse images, and a mechanism for users to download tailored image datasets for their own research. T-Time is freely available on the web at

CONCLUSIONS: T-Time is a novel data set of T cell images and associated metadata. It allows users to study T cell interaction and activation.


This article was originally published in BMC Research Notes, volume 10, in 2017. DOI: 10.1186/s13104-017-2739-x

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