Review of The Origins of Music

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Reviews the book, The Origins of Music by Carl Stumpf and edited and translated by David Trippett (see record 2012-28276-000). The edition is the first publication in a new series, “Classic European Music Science Monographs,” a project of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM) edited by John Sloboda. The goal of the ESCOM project is to translate into English important literature on psychology and music (systematic and scientific musicology) from the 20th century and earlier. As a resource, Trippett’s book transcends the role of a simple translation. This volume not only includes the first English translation of Stumpf’s Origins, it also includes several features that were not part of the original publication: informative notes by the editor, sound file examples, the inclusion of Stumpf’s autobiographical A Self Portrait (1924), an extensive bibliography of Stumpf’s publications, as well as two introductory essays. The book is a valuable resource for researchers and scholars studying Stumpf or the history of psychology, cognitive science, music psychology, ethnomusicology, and musicology.


This review was originally published in Psychomusicology: Music, Mind & Brain, volume 23, issue 2, in 2013.

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