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Fostering Inclusivity and Innovation: Transformative Practices in Business Librarianship

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In the realm of academic librarianship, the role of business librarians is undergoing a significant evolution, expanding to include a holistic approach that integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles, fosters collaborative partnerships, leverages advanced technology, and employs innovative strategies to boost educational quality and prepare students for the complexities of the global economy. At Chapman University, this evolution is exemplified by a series of groundbreaking initiatives that seamlessly blend business artificial intelligence, data and information literacy, and DEI practices into the core library services and programming. A focal point of these initiatives is the creation of specialized information literacy rubrics, particularly designed for students in fields such as economics, accounting, and marketing. These rubrics aim to refine students' analytical and decision-making prowess. Moreover, the university has significantly broadened access to pivotal business databases, enriching both research capabilities and literacy. An illustration of this commitment is the successful acquisition of a notable grant for the Accelerate California: Inclusive Innovation Hub initiative, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to utilizing DEI as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and economic prosperity, with a focus on uplifting underrepresented communities. Among the notable projects are the implementation of an AI-powered data analytics tool that enhances students' ability to interpret complex datasets, and a partnership with local businesses to integrate real-world case studies into the curriculum, providing practical experience and exposure to current industry challenges. These efforts are complemented by a series of workshops and seminars designed to address societal issues, thereby affirming the library's pivotal role as a force for social change and a champion of embedded librarianship.This presentation will delve into the array of strategies and initiatives that highlight the pivotal role of business librarianship in fostering inclusive innovation, driving economic growth, and empowering diverse communities within the academic landscape.


Presented at the BRASS Online Symposium in May 2024.

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