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Muslims Love Jesus! Essraa Nawar on Diversity, Interfaith Harmony, and Empowerment

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Summary: Eavesdroppers, prepare to be inspired! In this episode of "Eavesdrop with Ella," host Ella Parlor welcomes Dr. Essraa Nawar, a scholar, advocate, and dynamic force in interfaith understanding and leadership. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and personal empowerment resonates deeply with Ella's dedication to challenging misconceptions about Islam. Together, they delve into the commonalities between Islam and Christianity, promoting tolerance, addressing biases in DEI work, and strategies for meaningful interfaith connection. Get ready to have your perspectives challenged and leave inspired to build bridges across communities.


  • How Dr. Nawar's work is advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in education and beyond.
  • Islam and Christianity: Finding common ground and dispelling myths.
  • The hijab as a symbol of empowerment for Muslim women.
  • Why religious acceptance is vital in our globalized world.
  • Using storytelling to bridge divides and create understanding.


  • "We love Jesus... He's a very significant figure in Islam, just as in Christianity." - Essraa Nawar
  • "The hijab is a symbol of empowerment and liberation, contrary to common misconceptions." - Essraa Nawar
  • "Religious acceptance... allows us to appreciate our differences and celebrate this rich puzzle of diversity." - Essraa Nawar
  • "Education is power... it enables us to embrace religious acceptance." - Essraa Nawar

Keywords & Themes: Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity, the Islamic Faith, Religious Misconceptions, Empowerment, the Symbolism of the Hijab, Religious Acceptance, Commonalities Across Faiths, Storytelling, Cultural Understanding, and the Importance of a Global Community.

Tune into this powerful episode to explore the nuances of interfaith understanding and the role of diversity in shaping our world, as Ella and Essraa discuss the transformative power of acceptance and open-hearted conversations.

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