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Propagating a Library: Two Librarians' Experiences Setting Up a Library While Providing Services During Institutional Transformation

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Our presentation delves into the unique experience of setting up a new library in preparation for its partner institution to transition to a different university system in 2021. After concluding a long-term affiliation in which we provided library services, the institution became part of a new university network, necessitating the creation of a distinctive online library aligned with the new institution's branding and resources. The transition required an extensive evaluation and reorganization of library services by two librarians. The process had many challenges, including fluctuating deadlines and limited access to information. Despite these obstacles, we successfully established and maintained uninterrupted access to library resources through careful planning and targeted communication strategies. While our situation was unique and not commonly faced by most librarians, the project provided invaluable lessons. Attendees will learn tips for managing large-scale library projects and conveying those changes to their users, making this presentation relevant even for those not undergoing a similar institutional shift.


This was an asynchronous presentation made at the Spring Forward virtual conference in March 2024.