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In her role, which has continuously grown in scope during her tenure at Chapman, Essraa Nawar has re-imagined diversity at the Leatherby Libraries, creating and implementing the first ever Library Diversity Statement and Plan, leading the library to receive the first-ever Diversity Award. A leader on women's empowerment, Essraa was invited by the Egyptian Government to participate in a women’s conference and was honored as one of the top 30 Egyptian women abroad. As an interfaith advocate, her campaign #changethenarrative aims to breaking stereotypes and promote peaceful coexistence. In April 2022, she was recognized as one of California’s Women of Influence and in December 2022 she was named one of Orange County’s most influential people.

Diversity as a collective action: A Strategy for Success: We often let stereotypes influence our perspective. It's the moment we break these walls and embrace each other, sharing stories, words, culture, food, happiness, sadness is what makes us human beings and when misconceptions are erased, and barriers are broken. Through sharing her story in different ways, Essraa has seen a tremendously positive outcome as she unleashes the power of being different yet at the same time connected to the rest of the world without losing her identity. Moreover, Nawar will share the successful organic model she was able to implement at the Leatherby Libraries at Chapman University. In this session, Nawar will share case studies on how the library not only capitalizes on current campus, national and international events but also uses their own staffs’ and students’ diverse skills, background, and connections to bring these programming efforts to life.



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