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The Academic Library of the Future offers a vibrant library, a center of academic discovery, an intellectual hub, a place where state-of- the-art and cutting-edge technology, collaboration, and social connection will serve both a current and future diverse population of students, faculty, and researchers.

The Leatherby Libraries has three goals: 1) Empowering student success, 2) Supporting campus research initiatives, and 3) Supporting Chapman University to become the best possible R2 level institution. Within these three goals, there are three value propositions including: 1) personalized service through targeted services, 2) seamless access through physical and digital resources, and 3) opportunities for collaboration through partnerships. Additionally, five enablers have been identified that offer some specific recommendations regarding 1) the reimagining of facilities (space optimization), 2) diversification of resources, 3) support of research and data analytics, 4) embedding information literacy throughout the curriculum, and 5) embracing innovative technology.

In this presentation, the team will showcase how the library team reimagined its spaces, services and workforce so that functions such as the creation of a Research & Technology Support Center, Bookbot, Makerspace, a variety of study rooms, outdoor study areas, and Data Visualization Wall, Lab or Catalog are provided as additional services and resources for our Chapman University community that will serve the current and future generations of faculty, students and staff. Additionally, we will be showcasing how we are aligning the library with the university’s mission to support research and have created a Library Research & Data Services (LRDS) team. This innovative team provides support and guidance to the Chapman University research community, with a focus on empowering students, faculty, and staff. Their services include workshops, individual consultations, assistance in the use of research and data mining tools, data management plans, data analysis, data visualization, and text and data mining.

The Library of the Future is an opportunity for all of us to enhance the Chapman Experience for our students, faculty, and researchers, and the Leatherby Libraries have taken the leadership and fully engaged in this important vision on behalf of our university.



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