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No single publication can do more to enhance the reputation, advocate for increased budgets, and support a library than an annual report. Even though an annual report requires time, effort, money, and the cooperation of many contributors to prepare, publish, and distribute, it is a very powerful marketing tool with demonstrated results. To make the process of publishing this yearly report easier, more organized, and more effective, a new approach was implemented in the Leatherby Libraries in 2011 that culminated in recognition as the 2013 national Best of Show at ALA PR Xchange awards with over two hundred entries. The report has not only received compliments from the President of the University, library donors, friends, and staff but was also able to effectively articulate the vision, accomplishments and successes of the Leatherby Libraries to all the University constituents and senior administration. The report has become a model for other campus departments as well as other local and national libraries. From tracking the flow of relevant information, photos, and important library milestones throughout the year, to gathering statistics, data, and timely last minute additions, this poster provides a visual example of the process up until the final report is in hand.


Presented at the 2014 Annual American Library Association Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.



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