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For many libraries across the world, marketing, development and fundraising can be dirty words and if you add outreach people do not even get it. In this poster, the presenter will prove why libraries across the globe should embrace marketing, outreach and development for what they are, and let outreach spread and be part of our daily routine in libraries. Just like corporations and start-up, libraries of all kinds need to invest time; energy and resources on their marketing and development strategies. By applying some of these techniques, libraries will not just be able to better understand their users’ needs but also secure funding and communicate effectively to their internal and external constituents. This poster explores how the marketing and development concept is applied in practice to marketing academic library services through the experiences of the academic library at Chapman University compared to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt where the presenter used to work. Examples demonstrating innovative and new collaborative methods that have been applied will be demonstrated with real and true return on investment. The presenter will also give real and used tips on how to capitalize on existing resources and not to try to reinvent the wheel.


Poster presented at IFLA WLIC 2016 – Columbus, OH – Connections. Collaboration. Community in August 2016.

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