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BACKGROUND: Sunflower seed derived butter can be a source of protein and phenolic antioxidants in refrigerated dough. Chlorogenic quinone-amino acid induced greening can however occur at alkaline pH, which could result in less bioavailable conjugated phenol-amino acids. Acidulants were tested as potential anti-greening ingredients in refrigerated chemically leavened cookie dough. Effect of refrigerated storage time, leavening agents and acidulants on tryptophan fluorescence (»ex=280nm, »em=300-500), color (hunter LAB), reducing capacity (DPPH and Folin-Ciocalteu reagent reducing capacity/FCRC), and hydroxycinnamic acids were measured.

RESULTS: The pH range of acidified doughs was 4.83–6.98 compared to 7.65- 9.18 in nonacidified leavened doughs after 24 days. Greening was higher in baking soda dough control (a*=-0.54) than baking powder dough control (a*=2.98) after 24 days, attributed to higher pH (9.18) of the former compared to pH 7.14 in the later. Tryptophan fluorescence intensity in baking soda dough decreased in the order: control > glucono-delta lactone H citric acid after 24 days. The DPPH and FCRC of acidified doughs were greater than corresponding control doughs.

CONCLUSION: The use of acidulants would prevent greening in sunflower dough without lowering its phenolic concentration, making use of sunflower butter in refrigerated dough for baked goods feasible.


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Atonfack JT, Ataman ZA, Were LM. Acidulant effect on greening, reducing capacity, and tryptophan fluorescence of sunflower butter cookie dough during refrigerated storage. J Sci Food Agric. 2018; 99(5): 2186-2193.

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