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"Alarming headlines referencing catastrophe and our perilous proximity to a tipping point from which we cannot return create a common refrain when it comes to climate change: the time to act is now—or has already passed—and if we do not reorient ourselves and our relationship to the world immediately, we are doomed. The urgency of the climate crisis is real, and with it comes a need to reckon with the deeply rooted systems and structures that have created this and other interdependent complex global challenges. However, our demise is not a foregone conclusion. Despite the doomsday headlines so common to our news feeds, we are not, in fact, doomed. There is an opportunity and hope to be found in the urgency and interconnected nature of this challenge."


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Satterwhite, R., Sheridan, K., & Miller, W. M. (2023). Introduction to leadership for complex problems and the United Nations sustainable development goals. New Directions for Student Leadership, 179, 13–19.

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