The Gift of Si(gh)ted Violence: Towards a Discursive Intervention into the Organization of Capitalism

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"To address this problematic, we offer a discursive intervention, or contraception, which works against the onslaught of violent regimes of signification. One branch of our argument suggests that discursive violence should be seen as a gift that must be canceled with a strategy that challenges its codes. In the following explication, we construct a language of critique that unseams the representation of violence and the violence of representation. That is, we uncoil the ways in which social relations propagate violence at the level of the sign. The other branch of our argument places the construction of systematic violence at the struggle over the identification and signification of space. Specifically, we construct a theory of violence which is spatially inscribed and located within particular sites of social interaction."


This article was originally published in Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture, volume 21, issue 2, in 1999.

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