Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2024

Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Franceli Cibrian, Dr. Hector Camarillo Abad


The structure of dance classrooms has remained unchanged for several years. Very little, if any, technology has been incorporated to improve the quality of teaching. This has motivated our research project, whose goal is to capture dance movements with wearable sensors, to develop DANCETAG (Data Analytics and Notation with Captured Event Tagging). This is a platform that allows the gathering of data captured by Sony’s Mocopi sensors and annotating them with the dancer's movements. The Mocopi sensors make up a motion capture system. It is comprised of six small, round sensors that can be attached to velcro straps and clips. An individual can wear the sensors and connect them to the app provided by Sony. Afterward, the Sony app can be connected to DANCETAG to gather data captured by the sensors in a Biovision Hierarchy (BVH) file. We conducted a pilot session to evaluate the procedure, data collection, and functionality of the app. We performed the study in a space where the participant was able to move freely. Researchers told the participant which movement to perform and then captured the motion. Based on these results, we have determined changes needed to be implemented in future versions of DANCETAG in order to test it with a higher number of participants. We hypothesize that by collecting and annotating the movement, we will be able to compare dancers' data and provide feedback accordingly. With this type of feedback, dance students will be able to improve their dancing abilities through a more accessible technological tool.


Presented at the Spring 2024 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.