To Like or Not to Like: Facebook in the Higher Education Classroom

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Facebook is prevalent on university campuses, and yet, available data have revealed a distinct absence of Facebook in the higher education classroom – except possibly when used by distracted students during a lecture (Abe & Jordan, 2013). Facebook has pedagogical potential, but some faculty have expressed resistance to using Facebook for purposes of teaching and learning (Ajjan & Hartshorne, 2008; Prescott, 2014). Although there is limited empirical research to support the use of Facebook, there is a growing body of faculty experience with the platform. This article addresses the ways in which faculty have used Facebook for pedagogical purposes, and its effectiveness as a teaching tool. Also included will be examples of best practices.


This article was originally published in Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology, volume 5, issue 1, in 2016.

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Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology