Wesley F. Diedrich First World War Correspondence Collection



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U.S.A., U.S. Soldiers, correspondence, Mother, Father, engineering, Infantry, France, Western Front, military occupation, sunny weather, rainy weather, front line, food, homesickness, health and sickness, soldier slang, Christmas, dispatch rider

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Wesley F. Diedrich; October 21, 1918; World War 1914 1918; United States. Regimental histories U.S.A. 108th Engineers; United States. Regimental histories U.S.A. 33rd Infantry Division; United States. Army American Expeditionary Forces; United States. Army; World war 1914 1918 ; YMCA Letterhead; World War 1914 1918 France; World war 1914 1918 War and civilization -- History -- 20th century France; War and society -- History -- 20th century France; World War 1914 1918 War Work; Foyers du Soldat Letterhead;


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Wesley F. Diedrich First World War Correspondence #44



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