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"Emigdio Vasquez created artwork that challenged Orange County’s more prominent narrative of wealthy beachside neighborhoods. He painted the brown bodies and brown histories that defined our earliest communities and economy... Vasquez produced much of the local art history that Orange County should be known for and should protect. It is with this perspective that Chapman University is proud to present the exhibition, My Barrio: Emigdio Vasquez and Chicana/o Identity in Orange County, in conjunction with the Getty Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative. We hope to initiate discourse not only about Vasquez’s prolific career, but also about the larger political impact of his decidedly Chicana/o-centered murals."

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Emigdio Vasquez, Chicano/a identity, murals, Orange County, local art, Chicano culture, Mexican Americans


American Popular Culture | Chicana/o Studies | Cultural History | Ethnic Studies | Historic Preservation and Conservation | Indigenous Studies | Inequality and Stratification | Labor History | Latin American History | Latin American Languages and Societies | Latin American Studies | Latina/o Studies | Other American Studies | Other History | Painting | Public History | Race and Ethnicity | Regional Sociology | Social History | Sociology of Culture | United States History


This is the exhibition catalog from the MyBarrio: Emigdio Vasquez and Chicana/o Identity in Orange County exhibit held at Chapman University in September 2017, in partnership with the 2017 Getty Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative.


Chapman University

MyBarrio: Emigdio Vasquez and Chicana/o Identity in Orange County



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