The Merchant of Venice

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THE MERCHANT OF VENICE by William Shakespeare
Directed by Thomas F. Bradac and starring Michael Nehring as Shylock

Bassanio, needing money to be a suitor to Portia, asks his close friend, Antonio, for a loan. Antonio's money is tied up in shipments away from Venice so he approaches Shylock, a money-lender. After being insulted in the street by Antonio, Shylock agrees to lend the money, jesting that if Antonio does not pay it back by an appointed time, Shylock may cut a pound of flesh from him. Antonio agrees, and so begins one of Shakespeare's most brilliant comedies. The Merchant of Venice reflects themes as contemporary and insightful as today's headlines echoing cries of Justice and Mercy.

Musco Center for the Arts
7:30 p.m. - April 15 & 16
2 p.m. - April 16 & 23

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This video captures the performance of April 23, 2016.