Henri Temianka Archives

A prodigious correspondent, Henri Temianka maintained important relationships with the musicians, artists, writers, and political leaders of the 20th century. He preserved most of the letters he received, dating from 1922. His son, Daniel Temianka, has organized, protected, and interpreted these letters and other items in the Henri Temianka Archives. Chapman University is now the proud recipient of this archive. It numbers nearly 2,700 letters, program flyers, photographs, ephemera, and memorabilia of Henri Temianka’s career. Permanent exhibits are now on display in the Henri Temianka Archives, third floor, Leatherby Libraries, and on the Temianka Dabbah Mezzanine in the Musco Center for the Arts. The documents preserved in this collection serve as important primary materials for researchers and scholars to add to the tapestry of music history.


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