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Spring 2-25-2017


01 Three English Songs - Handel, Haydn.mp4

01a Three English Songs - Va godendo from Serse - Handel, Haydn.mp4

01b Three English Songs - "And God said let the earth" "With verdure clad" from The Creation - Handel, Haydn.mp4

02 Six Songs - Ned Rorem.mp4

02a Six Songs - Cradle Song - Ned Rorem.mp4

02b Six Songs - Oh you whom I often and silently come - Ned Rorem.mp4

02c Six Songs - I am Rose - Ned Rorem.mp4

02d Six Songs - Youth, Day, Old Age and Night - Ned Rorem.mp4

02e Six Songs - Ferry me across the water - Ned Rorem.mp4

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