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eIF5-mimic protein (5MP) is a translational regulatory protein that binds the small ribosomal subunit and modulates its activity. 5MP is proposed to reprogram non-AUG translation rates for oncogenes in cancer, but its role in controlling non-AUG initiated synthesis of deleterious repeat-peptide products, such as FMRpolyG observed in fragile-X-associated tremor ataxia syndrome (FXTAS), is unknown. Here, we show that 5MP can suppress both general and repeat-associated non-AUG (RAN) translation by a common mechanism in a manner dependent on its interaction with eIF3. Essentially, 5MP displaces eIF5 through the eIF3c subunit within the preinitiation complex (PIC), thereby increasing the accuracy of initiation. In Drosophila, 5MP/Kra represses neuronal toxicity and enhances the lifespan in an FXTAS disease model. These results implicate 5MP in protecting cells from unwanted byproducts of non-AUG translation in neurodegeneration.


This article was originally published in Cell Reports, volume 36, issue 2, in 2021. (9755 kB)
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