Developing Future Biologists: Developmental Biology for Undergraduates from Underserved Communities

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Developing Future Biologists (DFB) is an inclusive, trainee-run organization that strives to excite and engage the next generation of biologists, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status, in the field of developmental biology. DFB offers a week-long course consisting of active lectures, hands-on laboratory sessions, and professional development opportunities through interactions with scientists from a variety of backgrounds and careers. A major goal of DFB is to propel undergraduate students from underserved communities to pursue biomedical research opportunities and advanced degrees in science. To achieve this goal, we provide DFB participants with continuing access to a diverse network of scientists that students can utilize to secure opportunities and foster success throughout multiple stages of their research careers. Here, we describe the flourishing DFB program at the University of Michigan to encourage other institutions to create their own DFB programs.


This article was originally published in Development, volume 150, issue 1, in 2023.


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