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In this paper we use techniques in Fock spaces theory and compute how the Segal-Bargmann transform acts on special wave functions obtained by multiplying superoscillating sequences with normalized Hermite functions. It turns out that these special wave functions can be constructed also by computing the approximating sequence of the normalized Hermite functions. First, we start by treating the case when a superoscillating sequence is multiplied by the Gaussian function. Then, we extend these calculations to the case of normalized Hermite functions leading to interesting relations with Weyl operators. In particular, we show that the Segal-Bargmann transform maps superoscillating sequences onto a superposition of coherent states. Following this approach, the computations lead to a specific linear combination of the normalized reproducing kernels (coherent states) of the Fock space. As a consequence, we obtain two new integral Bargmann-type representations of superoscillating sequences. We also investigate some results relating superoscillation functions with Weyl operators and Fourier transform.


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