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For every β ∈ (0,∞), β ≠ 1, we prove that a positive measure subset A of the unit square contains a point (x0, y0) such that A nontrivially intersects curves y − y0 = a(x −x0)β for a whole interval I ⊆ (0,∞) of parameters a ∈ I . A classical Nikodym set counterexample prevents one to take β = 1, which is the case of straight lines. Moreover, for a planar set A of positive density, we show that the interval I can be arbitrarily large on the logarithmic scale. These results can be thought of as Bourgainstyle large-set variants of a recent continuous-parameter Sárközy-type theorem by Kuca, Orponen, and Sahlsten.


This article was originally published in Journal of Geometric Analysis, volume 33, in 2023.

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