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In this article, I show how the Aharonov–Vaidman identity A|ψ>=<A⟩|ψ>+ΔA| ψA> can be used to prove relations between the standard deviations of observables in quantum mechanics. In particular, I review how it leads to a more direct and less abstract proof of the Robertson uncertainty relation ΔAΔB≥12|< [A,B]>| than the textbook proof. I discuss the relationship between these two proofs and show how the Cauchy–Schwarz inequality can be derived from the Aharonov–Vaidman identity. I give Aharonov–Vaidman based proofs of the Maccone–Pati uncertainty relations and show how the Aharonov–Vaidman identity can be used to handle propagation of uncertainty in quantum mechanics. Finally, I show how the Aharonov–Vaidman identity can be extended to mixed states and discuss how to generalize the results to the mixed case.


This article was originally published in Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations in 2023.

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