An Alternative to the Standard Model

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An alternative to the Standard Model is proposed. The model provides a possible explanation for recently reported 3-sigma violations of lepton universality and CKM unitarity as well as the 4.2-sigma variance from Standard Model predictions in the muon g-2 experiment. The model also provides predictions for other non-Standard-Model phenomena, including a light Z′ boson, excess charm production in hadronic collisions, a fourth down-type quark, and additional light Higgs bosons. Like supersymmetric models, the model is holomorphic and invariant to local superspace gauge transformations. However, the model is not invariant to superspace translations, so it is not supersymmetric. The model includes an adjoint-representation chiral superfield with a tree-level mass term. It is proposed that this field generates confinement through a dual Meisner effect in the same way that such a field generates confinement nonperturbatively in Supersymmetric QCD.


This article was originally published in Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations, volume 9, in 2022.

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