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A distributive lattice-ordered magma (dℓ-magma) (A,∧,∨,⋅) is a distributive lattice with a binary operation ⋅ that preserves joins in both arguments, and when ⋅ is associative then (A,∨,⋅) is an idempotent semiring. A dℓ-magma with a top ⊤ is unary-determined if x⋅y=(x⋅⊤∧y)∨(x∧⊤⋅y). These algebras are term-equivalent to a subvariety of distributive lattices with ⊤ and two join-preserving unary operations p, q. We obtain simple conditions on p, q such that x⋅y=(px∧y)∨(x∧qy) is associative, commutative, idempotent and/or has an identity element. This generalizes previous results on the structure of doubly idempotent semirings and, in the case when the distributive lattice is a Heyting algebra, it provides structural insight into unary-determined algebraic models of bunched implication logic. We also provide Kripke semantics for the algebras under consideration, which leads to more efficient algorithms for constructing finite models.


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