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In a previous paper, we showed that many important quantum information-theoretic phenomena, including the no-cloning and no-broadcasting theorems, are in fact generic in all non-classical probabilistic theories. An exception is teleportation, which most such theories do not support. In this paper, we investigate which probabilistic theories, and more particularly, which composite systems, do support a teleportation protocol. We isolate a natural class of composite systems that we term regular, and establish necessary and sufficient conditions for a regular tripartite system to support a conclusive, or post-selected, teleportation protocol. We also establish a sufficient condition for deterministic teleportation that yields a large supply of theories, neither classical nor quantum, that support such a protocol.


This is an author-prepared, prepublication version of a paper that was presented at the Clifford Lectures in 2008 and was later published in Mathematical Foundations of Information Flow, Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics vol. 71, edited by S. Abramsky and M. Mislove, pp. 25-47.


American Mathematical Society



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