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The existence of universal principles in both science and medicine implies that one canexplore their common applicability. Here we explore what we have learned from quantummechanics, phenomena such as entanglement and nonlocality, the role of participationof the observer, and how these may apply to oriental medicine. The universal principles ofintegrated polarity, recursion, and creative interactivity apply to all levels of existence and allhuman activities, including healing and medicine. This review examines the possibility thatwhat we have learned from quantum mechanics may provide clues to better understandthe operational principles of oriental medicine in an integrated way. Common to both isthe assertion that Consciousness is at the foundation of the universe and the inner coreof all human beings. This view goes beyond both science and medicine and has strongphilosophical foundations in Western philosophy as well as monistic systems of the East.


This article was originally published in Integrative Medicine Research, volume 5, in 2016. DOI: 10.1016/j.imr.2016.08.003

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Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine

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