Comparison of Chlorophyll Concentration in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea Using IRS-P4 OCM and MODIS Aqua

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Ocean Color Monitor (OCM) onboard the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite IRS-P4 has been used to retrieve chlorophyll concentration in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea using a bio-optical algorithm. Cloud masking and atmospheric corrections have been performed before applying mapping function to derive chlorophyll concentration from IRS-P4 OCM data. Chlorophyll concentrations have been retrieved from IRS P4 OCM, and used MODIS chlorophyll product during the summer and winter seasons at every 1 degree latitude along the eastern and western coast of India for the period 2000-2003. Present study consists the spatial and temporal monthly variations of chlorophyll concentrations from MODIS data for period July 2002-April 2004. Seasonal dynamics of chlorophyll concentrations along the coastal region and in the open sea of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea is discussed using IRS P4 OCM and MODIS.


This article was originally published in Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, volume 39, issue 3, in 2010.

This work is licensed under CC Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India.

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Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi