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Existing Java software or libraries can evolve via subclassing. Unfortunately, subclassing may not properly support code adaptation when there are dependencies between classes. More precisely, subclassing in collections of related classes may require reimplementation of otherwise valid classes. This problem is defined as the subclassing anomaly, which is an issue when software evolution or code reuse is a goal of the programmer who is using existing classes. Object Teams offers an implicit fix to this problem and is largely compatible with the existing JVM’s. In this paper, we evaluate how well Object Teams succeeds in providing a solution for a complex, real world project. Our results indicate that while Object Teams is a suitable solution for simple examples, it does not meet the requirements for large scale projects. The reasons why Object Teams fails in certain usages may prove useful to those who create linguistic modifications in languages or those who seek new methods for code adaptation.


This article was originally published in Journal on Information Theories and Applications, volume 13, in 2006.

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