Effective Retrieval Performed by DIMES with the Application of Lucene

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Earth science metadata search engines dealing with large volumes of Earth science metadata need an effective method to respond to queries and retrieve metadata very quickly. Basically, Earth science metadata includes three types of information: descriptive text, temporal range, and spatial range. So, except for the general text retrieval, Earth science metadata retrieval requires a temporal range query and a spatial range query, which are not widely needed by other types of search engines. DIMES, a distributed metadata server, is being tested for use of Lucene to tackle the search problem of Earth science metadata. The vantage points of Lucene are that it is not only a high-performance text search index, but also has a special query type called range query which is especially fit for temporal range and spatial range queries of Earth science metadata once the temporal and spatial information are converted to strings with alphabetic orders. This paper introduces how DIMES applies the Lucene range query for applicable temporal and spatial range searches in the Earth sciences.


This paper was presented at the 12th Conference on Aviation Range and Aerospace Meteorology in 2006.

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