A Metadata Integrated Data Analysis Server (MIDAS): Enhancements and Updates

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A metadata server, DIMES (DIstributed MEtadata Server), and a data and analysis server, GDS (GrADS/DODS Server), are integrated to form a Metadata Integrated Data Analysis Server (MIDAS) for interactive access to both metadata and data. The power of MIDAS is reflected by the consistency between the data server and the metadata server and by the closely coupling between them. Middle layers are added to combine the server systems and to help users to generate GDS URLs. Therefore, MIDAS provides seamless way to search, access, and analyze the ever-increasing distributed Earth observing and model data. MIDAS is planed to be used in an operational mode. Various modifications and enhancements on performance, on query implementations, and on interfaces are carried out based on users’ recommendations. In this article, we will summarize the recent enhancements on MIDAS, and discuss existing issues for a potential operational usage.


This paper was presented at the IIPS 20th International Conference in 2005.

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