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Primary spinal hydatid cysts are uncommon and extradural involvement is rare. We report an unusual case of Paraplegia due to hydatid disease of primary site of infection extra spinal muscles in thoracic region from T5 to T8 level extending into a daughter cyst at T9 level, is main cause of acute Paraplegia. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed an extradural round cystic lesion in the spinal canal filling the posterior and left postero-lateral expect at T9 level, markedly compressing the cord. The cyst was removed after laminectomy and opening of the dural sac, with excision of extraspinal mass in left paravertebral region from T5 to T8 level. Histopathological examination confirmed a diagnosis of hydatid cyst. Early decompression surgery of the spine with chemotherapy is the treatment of choice for the disease.


This article was originally published in International Journal of Science and Research, volume 4, issue 4, in 2015.

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