Iatrogenic Nerve Injury Following Dry Needling For Foot Pain: Case Challenge

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A 48-year-old man reported left plantar heel/foot pain. His symptoms began 20 years ago while playing basketball. At the initial onset of plantar heel pain, he reported burning and tearing pain when first getting out of bed in the mornings, which would typically resolve during the day and between basketball sessions, but which was always present and most intense after playing basketball. Since then, the symptoms have continued on and off for months at a time. The plantar heel pain returned in January 2010 after jogging up a small incline approximately 10 times over a 3-week period. The patient reported he was exercising in “poor quality running shoes” to get in shape. These symptoms have continued since that time without spontaneous resolution.


This article was originally published in Practical Pain Management, volume 12, issue 10, in 2012.


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