Activity-based Rehabilitation Interventions of the Neurologically Impaired Upper Extremity: Description of a Scoping Review Protocol

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Summer 2018


Introduction: A scoping review provides a means to synthesize and present a large body of literature on a broad topic, such as methods for various upper extremity activity-based therapy (ABT) interventions. Objectives: To describe our scoping review protocol to evaluate peer-reviewed articles focused on ABT interventions for individuals with neurologically impaired upper extremities. Methods: At Jefferson College of Health Professions and Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Jefferson, Philadelphia, the authors will follow this protocol to conduct a scoping review by establishing a research question and conducting a search of bibliographic databases to identify relevant studies. Using specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, abstracts will be screened and full-text articles will be reviewed for inclusion in charting, summarizing, and reporting results of appropriate studies. Conclusion: This protocol will guide the scoping review process to develop a framework for establishing a noninvasive ABT intervention informed by evidence for individuals with neurologically impaired upper extremities.


This article was originally published in Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, volume 24, issue 3, in 2018.

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