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Satisfaction in the hospital setting is an important component of both hospital funding and patient experience. When it comes to a child's hospital experience, parent satisfaction of their child's perioperative care is also necessary to understand. However, little research has been conducted on the predictors of this outcome. Therefore, the purpose of this current study was to validate a priori selected predictors for parental satisfaction in their child's perioperative process.


Eight hundred and ten pediatric patients who underwent tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy surgery and their parents were included in this study. The primary outcome was assessed using a 21‐item parent satisfaction questionnaire resulting in three satisfaction scores: overall care satisfaction, OR/induction satisfaction, and total satisfaction.


Descriptive statistics and correlational analysis found that sedative‐premedication, parental presence at anesthesia induction, child social functioning, parental anxiety, and language were all significant predictors of various components of the satisfaction score. Regression models, however, revealed that only parent anxiety and child social functioning remained significant predictors such that parents who reported lower state anxiety (OR/induction satisfaction: OR = 0.975, 95% CI [0.957, 0.994]; total satisfaction: OR = 0.968, 95% CI [0.943, 0.993]) and who had higher socially functioning children (overall care satisfaction: OR = 1.019, 95% CI [1.005, 1.033]; OR/induction satisfaction: OR = 1.011, 95% CI [1.000, 1.022]) were significantly more satisfied with the perioperative care they received.


Lower parent anxiety and higher child social functioning were predictive of higher parental satisfaction scores.


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Shafer JS, Jenkins BN, Fortier MA,et al. Parental satisfaction of child's perioperative care. Pediatr Anesth. 2018;28:955–962.

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