Dr. Kissinger, Mr. President

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"Nixontapes.org and the National Security Archive are pleased to bring you the complete phone conversations of Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Henry Kissinger as captured by the Nixon taping system. This unified, easy-to-use collection includes digital audio from the telephone switchboards of the Oval Office, Nixon’s hideaway office in the Executive Office Building, the Lincoln Sitting Room, the White House residence, and Camp David. Because the Nixon taping system centered on President Nixon, the overwhelming majority of the conversations included here are between President Nixon and Dr. Kissinger. Nevertheless, some of the conversations were initiated or received by Dr. Kissinger in Nixon’s presence in the executive offices. Other recordings cover Kissinger talking to other officials, such as Nixon’s Chief of Staff, H. R. “Bob” Haldeman, who were with the president. The chronological scope of the collection currently runs from the start of the White House Telephone (WHT) system in April 1971 through the end of publicly released “chronological series” of tapes in November 18, 1972."


This article was originally published in the National Security Archive on December 23, 2008.


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