Speaker Utterances Tying Among Speaker Segmented Audio Documents Using Hierarchical Classification: Towards Speaker Indexing of Audio Databases

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Speaker indexing of an audio database consists in organizing the audio data according to the speakers present in the database. It is composed of three steps: (1) segmentation by speakers of each audio document; (2) speaker tying among the various segmented portions of the audio documents; and (3) generation of a speaker- based index. This paper focuses on the second step, the speaker tying task, which has not been addressed in the literature. The re- sult of this task is a classification of the segmented acoustic data by clusters; each cluster should represent one speaker. This paper investigates on hierarchical classification approaches for speaker tying. Two new discriminant dissimilarity measures and a new bottom-up algorithm are also proposed. The experiments are con- ducted on a subset of the Switchboard database, a conversational telephone database, and show that the proposed method allows a very satisfying speaker tying among various audio documents, with a good level of purity for the clusters, but with a number of clusters significantly higher than the number of speakers.


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