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"While it may seem obvious to even the casual observer of U.S. politics how important news media coverage is for a presidential candidate in the heat of the primary or general election battle, it is the media attention garnered during the pre-nomination phase of the campaign that can play a crucial role in deciding if the candidate even makes it to the first nominating contest. Often referred to as the "invisible primary;' the pre-primary period for the 2008 election occurred earlier and lasted longer than in any previous campaign in modern American history...This chapter will consider two aspects of news media attention during the 2007 invisible primary. First, the role of the news media as the "great mentioner" was considered by analyzing how often candidates' names were mentioned in news coverage...Second, a more specific analysis will be provided of the four candidates presenting a potential first to U.S. presidential politics-Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, and Mitt Romney-and the news coverage each received during the invisible primary."



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presidential elections, political campaigns, media coverage, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mitt Romney, Bill Richardson, 2008 presidential election


American Politics | President/Executive Department


In Meena Rose (Ed.), From Votes to Victory: Winning and Governing the White House in the Twenty-First Century. Dr. Cox Han's chapter begins on page 91.

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Off to the (Horse) Races: Media Coverage of the



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