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"The United Way: Dilemmas of Organised Charity" explains the inner workings of the organization whose shine was so recently dulled by scandal. According to a recent "New York Times" article, "Revelations of high expense-account living and questionable management practices by William Aramony, president of the United Way of America - forced him out of his position as leader of the nation's largest network of charities". (Jan. 28, 1992).. The United Way has always embodied the spirit of voluntarism that George Bush encourages with his vision of "a thousand points of light". Since its inception more than one hundred years ago, many Americans have assisted the organization with donations of money or hours. Americans know the symbol - an out-stretched arm with a rainbow - but how many know what is stands for? Here Eleanor Brilliant, a former local United Way staff member, presents a unique insight into the historical evolution and current situation of this organization.


This review was originally published in Ethics, volume 104, issue 3, in 1994.

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