Questions and Challenges for the Upcoming Trends in Practical Colloid Science

Questions and Challenges for the Upcoming Trends in Practical Colloid Science


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Practical scope of modern-day colloid science may be presented through a set of achievements and actual aims in preparation of novel materials and construction of novel technologies based on the foundation of knowledge of colloid systems. Yet many uncertainties pervade such field, ranging from the true potential of self-organizing and self-assembling systems in the design of advanced material structures to numerous encounters over the question of practical viability between the tendencies to invest in knowledge on small-scale, molecular recognition processes an on spontaneous, large-scale mesoscopic formation phenomena. Albeit the existence of belief in advancement of knowledge on stereoscopic molecular recognition and molecular assembly recognition that would eventually lead to perfect control inherent in the design of macroscopic structures, trial-and-error phenomena seem to permeate all relevant levels of organization within practical colloid science approaches, from enzymatic, biomolecular recognition processes to the macroscopic design of novel functional outcomes. As genetic evolution teaches us, the major point of any design conductance is not elimination of inherent mistakes, but their productive acceptance, that is mutual coupling with development of improved and more richly organized contexts of knowledge. Within this perspective, inter-disciplinarity, that is constructive crossing of separate scientific areas of investigation, presents a necessary approach immanent in advancement of practical colloid science achievements in the coming area.



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colloid sciences, self-organizing systems, self-assembly, design, macroscopic structures, stereoscopic molecular recognition, molecular assembly


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In Emelio A. Scarpetti (Ed.), Progress in Colloid and Surface Science Research. Dr. Uskoković's chapter begins on page 1.

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Questions and Challenges for the Upcoming Trends in Practical Colloid Science