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Clinical pharmacy or pharmacy practice departments at schools of pharmacy are usually composed of practicing pharmacy specialists. There is little known about the requirements for and frequency of patient care provided by clinical department chairpersons. The primary objective of this study was to determine the likelihood that pharmacy practice chairs engage in patient care. A secondary objective was to identify those factors predicting chairperson participation in patient care activities.


A brief 22-item adaptive response survey was sent to clinical department chairpersons at schools of pharmacy in the United States. Initial identification of chairs came from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) with verification by school websites. Surveys from schools without a clinical chairperson (or similar position) were excluded, as were surveys from schools with Ph.D. department chairpersons from blended departments (ie, Clinical with Outcomes/Policy Sciences).


Of the 128 eligible schools' department chairpersons, 113 completed the surveys (88.3% response rate). Forty-four (38.9%) chairs reported that they maintain an active clinical practice even though 103 (91.1%) report it is not required. Factors that had a significant association with clinical practice were clinical service being an expectation (P = .0004), having a practice prior to becoming chairperson (P = .001), having a higher clinical service expectation (P < .0001), and having a lower administrative percentage (P = .0003). Age, rank, and academic track were not significant predictors. Of those with clinical practice, sites included community (45.4%), acute care (38.6%), primary care (4.5%), and other settings (11.4%). A majority of those with practice reported providing direct patient care (81.8%) or indirectly via supervision of students or other trainees (61.4%).


Most schools of pharmacy do not require clinical department chairpersons to maintain a patient care practice, but many still choose to practice. Those that practiced before becoming a chairperson and have a lower administrative burden are more likely to continue to provide patient care.


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Slain, D., Goad, J., Moser, L.R. and Seybert, A. Characteristics and predictors of patient care performed by clinical department chairpersons at U.S. schools of pharmacy. J Am Coll Clin Pharm. 2021;4(11):1379-1383.

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