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Home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM) is a convenient way to assess out-of-office blood pressure control and is recommended by numerous international guidelines to aid clinicians in the diagnosis and management of essential hypertension. Although available guidelines recommend the use of HBPM in patients receiving antihypertensive medication, their specific recommendations regarding optimal monitoring schedule, duration, and clinician interpretation of home blood pressure readings may differ among guidelines. Purpose: The purpose of this article is to review available international hypertension guideline recommendations related to the use of HBPM to improve hypertension control among patients receiving antihypertensive therapy. We also briefly highlight clinical trials that have shown improved blood pressure control using HBPM to intensify antihypertensive therapy and provide a practical guide for implementing HBPM to improve hypertension control. Results: Eleven international guidelines were identified and reviewed. In total, recommendations relating to which HBPM to use, number of measurements per day, and how to interpret home blood pressure values were largely in agreement among available guidelines. Conclusion: Clinicians recommending HBPM to their patients with hypertension should utilise a standardised HBPM protocol, based on available guideline recommendations.


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