Venturicidin C, A New 20-membered Macrolide Produced by Streptomyces sp. TS-2-2

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Venturicidin C (1), a new 20-membered macrolide along with the known venturicidins A (2) and B (3) were isolated from the crude extract of the Appalachian bacterial strain Streptomyces sp. TS-2-2. Additionally, nine other known compounds namely nocardamine, dehydroxynocardamine, desmethylenylnocardamine, ferrioxamine E, adenosine, riboflavin, cyclo(D)-trans-4-OH-Pro-(D)-Phe, cyclo(D)-Pro-(D)-Phe and N-(2-phenylethyl)-acetamide were also isolated and identified. The structure of the new macrolide 1 was elucidated by the cumulative analyses of NMR spectroscopy and HR-MS data. Complete NMR assignments for the known venturicidins A (2) and B (3) are also provided, for the first time, in this report. Venturicidins A–C did not inhibit the proliferation of A549 lung cancer cell line but all displayed potent antifungal activity.


This article was originally published in Journal of Antibiotics, volume 67, issue 3, in 2013.

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